Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Brief Reflections of the 83rd Annual Oscars

There were few if any surprises at this year's Oscars. "King's Speech" won four of the biggest categories; "Inception" swept many of the technical awards; and James Franco was not funny. The Academy is toying with the idea of moving the ceremony a month forward to late January hopefully to infuse some excitement into the awards.

James Franco's constant smirks and general demeanor of being stoned do not have appeared to have been a hit with viewers or critics as host of this year's Oscars. It felt as if Anne Hathaway was desperately trying to infuse some energy into his delivery. I am not sure why: a) the Academy asked him when he informed them that he would be unavailable to rehearse during the week, or b) why he would agree to do it if he is so "committed" to his PhD program at Yale. He was floundering through many of his tidbits and numerous jokes bombed. In my house, we were playing a drinking game that stated we had to drink every time that a joke failed. We drank a lot in the first thirty minutes.

I think we have all come to the general consensus that Mr. Franco should take a brief respite from the world. It would allow him to create a new store of "creativity" (I stifle laughter as I type this). And allow me to go on the Internet or watch tv without having to see his snarling, smirking visage. We will all be able to take a deep breath of relief when he has retired to his ivory tower.

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